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Removing Telephone Wires

Removing Telephone Wires

Nothing could be more annoying that having a beautiful scene to take a photograph, but then have huge telephone poles and hanging wires cluttering the image. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to get rid of those obstructions, so that your final image is clean and beautiful.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
1. Open the photo in Photoshop that has the telephone pole and wires (or the object you want to remove).

2. Select the Clone Stamp Tool.

3. Select a brush size for the Clone Stamp Tool that is proportionate to the size and resolution of your photograph.

4. With the Clone Stamp Tool selected, hold down the ALT key and click just to the side of the wires. This will copy the color/texture that's there. In this case, we are clicking the blue sky just to the right of the wires.

5. Now, let go of the ALT key and mouse button, move your cursor over the wire, and then click/drag to paint over the wire.

6. Continue doing steps 4 and 5 with every part of the wires to completely remove them. Always try to get the color/texture that is just next to the wires. (If there is a color trace of the wire that was cloned over, don't worry, we'll get rid of this trace at the end of this tutorial).

7. As you can see below, we have removed all the wires except for the pole.

8. Follow the same technique in step 4 and 5 to remove the pole. Always ALT + clicking just to the left, right, top, or bottom of the pole to capture the color texture, and then letting go of the ALT key and mouse button. Place your cursor over the pole and begin to paint over it. (Zoom in if you have to.)

9. After you have removed all the pole from the sky, you can see that there is still some of the pole in front of the street and trees (there is also a section at the top of the steeple that has some wires also.

10. To get rid of these areas of the pole and wire, we follow the same process as in steps 4 and 5, but we need to be more careful where we ALT+click. In the image below, you can see that I am clicking just to the left of the pole, where the lines of the street angles down. What I need to do after I click here is move my cursor "in-line" with that street angle, but place my cursor over the pole. Then when I have it in place, I click down, drag, and paint at the same angle.

11. Use the same technique in Step 10 with the top of the steeple. You may need to go with smaller brush sizes for fine tuning.

12. When have completely removed every trace of the wires and the pole, the last step is to fix the variations in color that were left in the sky from when we removed the wires.

13. Select the Smudge tool.

14. Select a large size brush, set the "Strength" settings to 25%. Go over any areas in the sky and smudge the colors so that the trace of the wires and variations in color are completely gone.

15. You are done! Now all you need is a way to show off your photo.

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